Everything in the city is alive at night.

Machines hum, lights shine

Cars grunt, radios mumble.

The buildings, great beasts of modern construction,

section off the landscape both horizontally and vertically.

The elevator goes to 100, but it will never reach heaven,

And the fallen sleep between the cracks

curled up in their own filth!

by Jeremiah Kauffman    April, 2008


fine art



ABOUT YOURSELF by Jeremiah Kauffman


The City by Jeremiah Kauffman

Part of the reason for putting my work online is to show off. I won’t deny that. I do however, crave an audience andart would be nothing without intelligent people to share it with. It really doesn’t matter who you are; if you’re here now reading this and what you’ve seen has affected you in any way, then I’m satisfied.           I want my work to live and this is not possible unless it takes a step into the world outside my room.    by Jeremiah Kauffman