There is a world where all of the people have the same face, an emotionless mask of metal. They did not choose this mask-like face but they had no control over the situation. Their sense of free will was taken from them at birth and they are no longer aware of anything being different or wrong. They are all born in a gigantic factory of steel and shiny chrome. In this factory in a hidden room live the Creators of this mask. These beings have never been seen and no one knows who they are. They invented the mask centuries ago and tricked the trusting people into wearing them. Once trapped the people were completely under the control of the creators. Sometimes, in the dark of night, the Creators would huddle in their secret room and laugh together in delight at their evil power over the hapless people.

When a child is born inside the factory, as they all are, a mask is placed on the baby’s face when it reaches the age of 6 months and it molds itself into the child’s flesh, never to be removed. The child wears this mask it’s whole life into adulthood. The mask controls the child’s life which is, in turn, controlled by the creators. But, unbeknownst by the Creators, deep within the soul of each imprisoned person, is a secret place that cannot be touched. And in this tiny place the people sometimes have a sad and inexplicable feeling of loss and despair. But they can only scream their woe in the forgotten silence of their dreams.

From the sky comes a magnificent white steed with white wings. She lands in front of the huge factory. Her rider is a beautiful young man in white robes who wears a crown, sword and necklace of gold. He holds a strange and fragrant flower next to his heart. In a soft, gentle voice he calls the people to him. They gather to him and  he asks them to follow him into the factory. Once inside, he and the people go through many corridors and countless stairs that lead down into the depths of the factory until they come to a large, black metal door, thick with rust and cobwebs. Behind this door is the secret, dark room where the Creators live. The young man takes from his robes a beautiful, crystal sphere that glows with a dazzling light and sings divine, ancient songs. He places it before the door. There is a loud bang and the door bursts open revealing the Creators. They are five hideous and grotesque monsters, ugly beyond imagination. They are blinded by the fiery light of the globe. They scream in fear and terror and explode into a million  pieces, destroyed forever!

The people rise upward to the surface of the world, as the walls of the factory collapse and crumble around them. Once they are all above ground, the strange, cold masks on the people and their children melt away, showing their true faces underneath. Faces of great beauty and intelligence. Lovely faces of a people that the sinister Creators were always jealous of and wanted to demean and control. The people weep for joy and breathe deep of the air of freedom. The young man weeps with them and embraces them in  new found friendship. They thank the young man for his priceless, wonderful gift of freedom and bid him a fond farewell as he soars off into space to continue on his journeys within his many new and beautiful worlds of wonder, always.


To view more art and writing by Jeremiah, please go to: jeremiahkauffman.deviantart.com

fine art



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