The drawing was created by my beautiful child and artist, Jeremiah Kauffman! The noble and exquisite young man in the story is Jeremiah. Jeremiah’s art and life inspired me to write this story as a tribute to his memory. And now, I am sharing it with you! Thank you for viewing Jeremiah’s art and for reading this story!!!

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There is a world where only trees live. These multitudes of trees are of all kinds of different shapes, sizes,colors, species and heights. If a tree can be imagined, it would be there- literally millions of kinds of trees exist on that world! One could wander through the forests of this strange world for an eternity and never see all of it. It is a glorious feast for the eyes yet, except for the rustling sounds of the swirling wind through the trees’ branches and sometimes the brief noise of a gentile rain, there is total silence!

At the top of this planet in the midst of it’s oldest and largest forest is an extremely ancient tree- the first tree. It is gigantic, almost the size of a small planet itself and is the largest and tallest tree  of all the trees of this world. Crude, uneven steps grow out from it’s trunk which looks more like it is made of thick, wrinkled skin than bark. Tiny, colorful eyes are embed throughout the trunk and branches like a small kingdom of eyes. The eyes watch and sleep and sleep and watch. These eyes have seen many centuries pass and they will see many more. The steps travel around the tree to it’s very top where a primitive platform has formed. The tangled branches, filled with sweet smelling dark, green leaves reach upwards into the sky for thousands of miles. It is, indeed, a most breathtaking vision of beauty and grandeur! At the beginning of the tree, almost hidden in it’s trunk, is a small crevice which forms a hole. Contained inside this hole is a n old, dusty nest of white thorns. In the middle of this nest lies a single , smooth golden egg. The one who gave birth to this egg has long since disappeared in the soft waves of time. The piercing eyes watch this nest with it’s glittering occupant. They watch and wait!

From the sky comes a magnificent white steed with white wings. She lands at the feet of the ancient tree. Her rider is a beautiful young man in white robes who wears a crown, sword and necklace of gold. He holds a strange and fragrant flower next to his heart. He stands before the old tree and closes his eyes. The tree’s eyes close as well. He listens to the world’s tearful voice and hears only silence. The world yearns for music and life! He places his hand inside the hole and takes the small, golden egg. The white thorns tear the flesh of his hand causing it to bleed profusely but the young man disregards this. The tree’s eyes look anxious, but the young man tells them not to worry!

He then proceeds to climb the steps. The tree’s eyes watch him in great anticipation. He goes up the steps to very top of the tree. He can no longer see his precious, white steed standing below. He reaches the small, natural platform. From there he stands and tosses the gold egg up into the air, far above him. It soars way above the gigantic tree and bursts into millions of shining pieces. Each piece becomes a wonderful bird. Soon the sky is filled with the brilliant colors and beautiful songs of millions of birds of all kinds. The birds fly to the trees and their sweet music of life invades the silent world with a divine symphony beauty and throbbing nature, forever!

The tree’s eyes weep for joy and their crystal tears cascade down the tree. The tears form a great , clear lake that mirrors the sky that is covered with colorful, dancing birds. The tree’s eyes watch in pure delight this grand theater of life performing and soaring before them.!

The young man descends the tree. He bows to the ancient tree and the tree’s eyes gaze back in love and gratitude! The lovely songs of the birds follow him as he soars off into space. His heart and mind ring with the exquisite music created in the world he leaves as he continues on his journeys within his many new and beautiful worlds of wonder, always!






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